👊 How we started to use Impact Analysis

by Dmytro Litvinov


Section: Prologue

We started to use Bug-scrub meetings in our company (here will be another linked post. To improve the quality of bug-scrub meetings where we have some bugs after the sprint, we need to understand the root reason for these bugs and how we can anticipate and mitigate them in the future. And sprint by sprint there was always the reason "be more attentive". Sounds irritating ...bzzz... if you are saying (or listening) it from sprint to sprint. And once.. like a ray of light in a dark kingdom, Mariia (our new Project Manager in the company) proposed to integrate Impact Analysis (thanks to Mariia if you are reading it 🙇‍♂️)

What is that Impact Analysis?

Simply put it is analyzing the impact of the changes in the deployed application and determining how significantly they have been affected.

Below is the thought of the author in writing form so you can just skip it

Our biggest problem as programmers sometimes is that we start working on tasks without deeply thinking about how one task can affect other parts of the code and affect the business. In case we say collaboration between the Business and Delivery team should be close so we release qualified product on the mark in-time and in-budget. And I think in our case that additional tool for us to be close to Business and talk their language so you are more involved in the Business side of the project.

The template we use at the company

Since we still use Redmine at SoftFormance we have the next template according to its syntax:
I hope one day we can move to another project management system 🤞

h2. Impact analysis

*Functional/Technical impacts:* 
List all functional areas or systems components that have been 
affected (or potentially can be affected) by the task, 
and describe what exactly is affected by these changes.

Information about all changes that have occurred to the services. 
If something has been added or removed, we also indicate it here.
Notes: Additional points and information that should be considered during testing.

Redmine template for Impact Analysis

Thanks to Mariia (our PM) and Anastasia (our QA) of integrating it into team and at the company-level.
May the productivity be with you 🌟